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Pastor Natalie, RDN, Ed.D., M.Div., DipACLM  Bio


Pastor Natalie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,  Health/Nutrition Manager, and has a Bachelor of Science Degree (Magna Cum Laude) with a Concentration in Foods and Nutrition from North Carolina Central University, a Master of Divinity Degree from Lutheran Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Education degree with a focus on Leadership in Health & Wellness from the American College of Education. Completed Nutrition Fellowship at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY during her Junior Year at NCCU. Diplomate of the ACLM - Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional, Professional Plant-Based Nutrition Chef Certification with Rouxbe, T. Colin Cambell Center for Nutrition Studies -Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, Forks Over Knives Course Completion, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with NCFS and a Connectional Officer of AME Church serving as the Executive Director of the International/Connectional Health Commission - Worldwide

 Pictures: @portraitsbysouza

Pastor of Quinn Chapel AME Church, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. Itinerant Elder and received her first Pastoral appointment serve St. John AME Church in Wayne Pa., while serving on the Ministerial staff at Mother Bethel AME Church in Philadelphia Pastor Natalie has also served as the Pastor of Calvary AME Church in Philadelphia.

Pastor Natalie believes in Kingdom Wellness and that God put in place a divine plan to promote health and fight disease. Sickness may happen however, from the moment God directed us to eat from the tree of life (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts = plant food=phytonutrients), our immune system and cellular DNA instructions from God were working to fight for our health.

Let there be light and life. Life is renewing itself daily, just as your body creates new cells daily to replace old cells, to promote health and wellness.

If you are sick or living with a health issue, keep the FAITH and put your FAITH in action. Eat God's best foods, be active, think good thoughts daily, and pursue God and wellness with hope and joy. Keep faith alive like the woman in the Bible with the issue of blood for 12 long years or the man lying next to the pool of healing for 38 years or the Apostle Paul whose thorn did not remove, however, God's grace and the thorn kept Paul humble. What is your Kingdom's purpose, are you allowing food, lack of exercise, doubt, fear, or a medical diagnosis to completely stop you?

Plant based nutrition - When we eat more whole and natural vegetables, legumes, seed, nuts, grains and fruit, we turn on good genes and turn off bad genes (diabetes, cancers and more). God created our bodies to build, repair, maintain and restore life. Your are a miracle and your body is a miracle in motion!

Pastor Natalie believes based in evidence based scientific research and the Bible which supports food as medicine, and lifestyle medicine as a healthy and affordable approach by  choosing whole, natural foods and meals that contain plenty of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, grains and beans as the main dish instead of animal meat as the main dish - (Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 ) is the best daily choices to help prevent and fight disease and all types of sickness - Matthew 4:23.

This does not mean we have to label meals as vegetarian or vegan. Instead it is embracing the evidence based research regarding whole plant-based foods to help fight and prevent disease. God gives us choices regarding the food we eat. You can choose to eat and prepare healthy meals that promote health, healing and fight disease. Eating more whole plant based meals is not about a dietary label of vegetarian or vegan, it is about YOU, your health, your overall wellness and finding a healthy way of eating to help YOU fight and prevent disease.

Phytonutrients or plant nutrients fight disease.

It is time to eat more whole plant based meals. If you want to pursue wellness, prevent disease and promote good health, enjoy meatless meals or minimum amount or palm size portion of all types of animal meat protein is a healthy choice!!!

Whole plant based foods contain fiber and phytonutrients that are not found in animal meat or dairy. Evidence based research shows that eating more "whole" plant based meals that are not processed is healthy.

Animal meat protein contains important nutrients....however, it is time to stop eating large portions of meat and/or giant daily portions of meat, which in most cases is more than your body requires....look at YOUR PALM ....that is your built in guide or portion controller or TEMPERANCE guide.

It is time for meat to become your "SIDE" dish instead of your main dish. We recommend you prepare meatless meals 2 or more times per week. Prepare meatless meals containing plant based protein/amino acids sources - like Spinach, Black Beans, Chick Peas, Kidney Beans, Quinoa, Teff, Kale, Hemp, Watercress, Tofu, Wheatgrass in combination and with other plant based choices to provide variety, flavor, phytonutrients and color to your meals. God has created your body to gather together all nutrients (including plant protein) as needed to work together in perfect harmony.

***If you choose to take a break from meat for long periods of time or for a fast. You will need make sure you are getting B-12 and Iron. An all natural B-12 supplement can be taken daily/or as directed and include Nutritional Yeast, which contains B-12 and essential amino acids. Nutritional Yeast can be sprinkled on popcorn or baked whole pita chips and added to cooked dishes like brown or black rice or whole grain pasta. Beans and green leafy vegetables can provide iron. Consume foods with Vitamin C to enhance your iron intake.

Temperance is a fruit of the Holy Spirit and is important in every area of our lives....including how much food we eat each day!

Pastor Natalie combines her faith in our Heavenly Father with over 20 years of teaching about nutrition and wellness to create and follow a synergy of power (Holy Spirit Power) to inspire everyone to RENEW their minds and pursue God and wellness!

Take a Culinary RX. Food as Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine journey with me to health and wellness. Learn how to fight and prevent disease!

Lifestyle Medicine = a personal relationship with God, daily prayer, healthy meals (mostly plant-based), staying hydrated (water, herbal teas), restorative sleep/rest, daily physical activity, healthy relationships, managing stress, Shalom, and self-care.

Matthew 4:4 and 23 - Kingdom Wellness!

Dr. Natalie's ministry, achievements, certifications, qualifications and service highlights:

* Doctor of Education Degree in Leadership with a focus of study on Health and Wellness - and Diplomate of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional - Thank you, Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit!

Panelist at Faith, Fitness, and Finance at The Word, Church, Cleveland Ohio, hosted by Dr. RA Vernon and Dr. Victory Vernon


*Pastor Natalie Host and Speak at Virtual July Faith-Based Health, Wellness, Nutrition & Fitness Month/August Clergy & Clergy Family Webinar with the International Health Commission


*Food and Faith Speaker 2019 and 2020 at Bishop Hezekiah Walker's Women's Empowerment - Love Fellowship Tabernacle Church, NY & Pa.


*Appeared on The Word Network - Power to the People show hosted by Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant, Pastor of Empowerment Temple AME Church on Topic of Health and Wellness in the Church and introducing the first Faith-Based Culinary RX program in partnership with Rouxbe and the Taste and See Events in partnership with the American Cancer Society.

*The Black Caucus of Health Workers of the American Public Health Association - Outstanding Faith Based Organization Award on November 7, 2017

*Awarded American Heart Association Woman of Distinction - Go Red Award Garden State New Jersey -Non-Profit Category May 19, 2017

*Professional Plant Based Certification - Rouxbe (*Recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation) May 2017

*Culinary RX and Forks Over Knives Certificate - Plant Based Cooking from Rouxbe (*Recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation) 2016

*International/Connectional Health Commission Executive Director AME Church World - currently serving.

Appointed July 4, 2012 in Nashville, Tenn at the 49th Quadrennial Session of the General Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. To God be the Glory..PSALMS 103!!

*First Episcopal District Health Commission Director 2007 to 2018 appointed by Bishop Norris and Bishop Ingram for New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, New England and Bermuda

*T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition Completed March 2014

* Written Wellness Articles for Heart and Soul Online Magazine™

*Appeared on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) in Philadelphia as Nutrition and Wellness Expert

* Founder and Creator of Annual July Faith Based Health, Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness Month and Annual August Clergy and Clergy Family Wellness Month.

*CHIP of Pa Faith Based Coordinator 2007 to 2009- Children's Health Insurance Program

*Physical Activity Consultant - Head Start Body Start

*Certificate in Adult Weight Management with The Academy of Nutrition and Sciences - formerly American Dietetics Association

*Member of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics formerly American Dietetics Association

*Member of National Council on Strength & Fitness -Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

*Member of NJ Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

* Health/Nutrition & Mental Health Coordinator for over 16 years

* Hosted Radio Show on Kingdom Wellness on WiFi AM 1460

*Nutrition Article in Gospel Today Magazine - January/February Health & Wellness Edition 2011

Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated

*Appeared on Art Fennell Reports -Show on Comcast January 2014

Church Location:

Quinn Chapel AME Church

Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716


Wednesday Bible Study 7:30PM

Wed: Prayer 7PM to 8PM (except in August when we take a break for Family vacations & Family Bible Study at home - we understand the importance of Family Time!)

Sunday: 11:00 AM Worship Services - Join Us all are welcome!

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